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Lawyer for the Dog-cropped

“Lawyer for the Dog”

“Lawyer for the Dog,” by Lee Robinson. Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, $24.99. It wasn’t exactly the ending I envisioned, but this fun-filled Southern-based novel is a clever and amusing portrayal of a middle-aged attorney Sarah Baynard and Sherman, a miniature schnauzer that suddenly becomes the conduit for every relationship in her life. The author, […]

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Talking with Dogs and Cats

“Talking with Dogs and Cats

“Talking with Dogs and Cats,” by Tim Link. New World Library. $14.95. This primer for maximizing your relationship with your pets is akin to a college or professional football coach’s playbook designed to produce cohesiveness and teamwork on the field and off. Link seeks to establish a pathway for owner understanding of the pet’s bark […]

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Sandy Willis (1)

Listen up! Communication skills move right alongside professsional expertise for well-rounded veterinarians

Think about it for a minute. You’ve been told by your veterinarian that your beloved dog has a complex, potentially fatal disorder with which you are uncertain how to proceed. This is a gut check for the entire family – and totally unexpected. You’re feeling blindsided and suddenly find yourself quickly looking for direction down […]

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Lessons from Tara

“Lessons from Tara”

“Lessons from Tara,” by David Rosenfelt. St. Martin’s Press. $25.99. While the psyche of countless animal adoptions stretch far from home for the author and his wife, Debbie Myers, stretch far from home, it’s the angst and admiration these creatures have brought upon the couple’s lives that is front and center here. Call their previous […]

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James Herriots dog stories

“James Herriot’s Dog Stories: Warm and Wonderful Stories About the Animals Herriot Loves Best”

“James Herriot’s Dog Stories: Warm and Wonderful Stories About the Animals Herriot Loves Best,” St. Martin’s Press, $15.99. It’s a new edition but the stories have been around for decades. That doesn’t mean this delightful and reasonably priced work won’t be the perfect gift for that special occasion. Herriot was a veterinarian in Yorkshire, England, […]

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